DIY Boneyard Lantern & More | Best Of The Weekend Party

DIY BONEYARD LANTERN - Halloween Craft Ideas

Well THAT week flew by and it's only two weeks until Halloween which means 15 days til November.  That's crazy talk!   It's been another busy week over here at the ALC ranch and today we (your party hosts and 20 more fabulous bloggers) launched an awesome "Not So Scary" … [Read more...]

Not So Scary Halloween Giveaway | $500 Paypal Cash!!

Not So Scary Halloween Giveaway 2

It's that time.  Time for my fabulous friends and I to give away $500 Paypal Cash and I have to say I am sooo excited to kick off this Not So Scary Halloween Giveaway! Every few months we like to celebrate by thanking YOU, our readers, by offering up a fun cash giveaway.   This is … [Read more...]

Creamy Mushroom and Brie Soup

Creamy Mushroom and Brie Soup PM3

Can you imagine a world without mushrooms?  Well I guess if you just don't like them then maybe you can but I, for one, cannot.  I love mushrooms and the earthy flavor they can lend to so many dishes.  Like this one  - my Creamy Mushroom and Brie Soup. As a mushroom lover (and … [Read more...]

Halloween Recipes: Orange Scream-sicle Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Orange Scream-sicle Chocolate Chip Ice Cream PM3

This post brought to you by TruMoo.  All opinions (and my love of Muppet zombies) are 100% my own.  My Husband is a super huge fan of the creamsicle.  Basically, if you mix orange and vanilla in any sort of frozen treat and he is a happy, happy man.  When I told him … [Read more...]

Pasta With Sausage & Creamy Sage Pumpkin Sauce

Pasta With Sausage & Creamy Sage Pumpkin Sauce 3

Pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere and I just can't get enough.  In a sea of endless pumpkin treats it can be rare to find a delicious savory pumpkin dish but I have been on the hunt and this Pasta With Sausage & Creamy Sage Pumpkin Sauce is one of my newest Fall favorites, y'all! When the … [Read more...]

Bacon Club Baked Sliders & more | Best Of The Weekend Party

Bacon Club Baked Sliders

Welcome back!  So I was thinking today how bloggers just like to give away money - at least a lot of the ones that I run with, apparently - because today we launched a huge $1000+ (4 prizes) giveaway (and pssst.... NEXT Friday we have something else up our sleeve too) ::hint hint:: … [Read more...]

73 Fall & Halloween Inspired Ideas | $1000+ Fall Giveaway

All Things Fall Giveaway

Is anyone tired of Pumpkins and "All Things Fall" yet?  Well of course not!  We're just getting started, right?  And, frankly, until I sit down to that Thanksgiving feast and wake up the next day to put up the Christmas trees, I say BRING IT ON. So let's kick off this fine October … [Read more...]

Pumpkin Cinnamon Oatmeal Whoopie Pies


Hello, friends!  I'm Gloria from Simply Gloria and I'm so happy to be back hanging out with you and my sweet friend, Claire!  Now that we are officially in the middle of Pumpkin Season, I thought I'd share with you one of my favorite pumpkin creations. Pumpkin Cinnamon Oatmeal … [Read more...]

Skinny Cucumber Mint Gin Fizz Cocktail

Skinny Cucumber Mint Gin Fizz Cocktail

I made my Sweet’N Low Cucumber Mint Gin Fizz Cocktail as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #SweetNLowStars.  As always, all opinions are my own. While we might not want to be reminded, the holidays are fast approaching.  I know - somebody stop this train. But they're … [Read more...]

Crockpot Bacon Cheeseburger Soup | Slow Cooker Meals

Delicious Slow Cooker Bacon Cheeseburger Soup PM3

There is a little nip in the air today here in Florida and, while you can color me surprised, I am so happy.  The sun is out in full force and yet it's cooler and I am just a weeee bit giddy about it.   It's the little things, you know. Just in the nick of time - wherever you may be - … [Read more...]

DIY Halloween Craft Ideas & More | Best Of The Weekend Party

Caramel-Pecan-Biscuit-Bake-from-Chocolate Chocolate and more

Happy Friday!!  It's been a BIG week around here, my friends.  A Little CLAIREification turned TWO years old this week (yahoo!) and, if you missed it, I'm celebrating my Blogiversary with a $200 Paypal Cash Giveaway so make sure to enter if you haven't already! On to the … [Read more...]

5 Minute Fall Flower Pots | Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

Five Minute Flower Pots 10 - Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

    Hello, everyone, I'm Amy, from Ms. Toody Goo Shoes, back for another Home and Garden post, at Claire's place! I'm trying to get my Fall groove on, I really am. But with temperatures hovering around 80 degrees here in NJ, it's been a challenge. Mind you, I am NOT complaining! … [Read more...]

A Little CLAIREification Two Years Later | $200 Blogiversary Giveaway

2 Year Logo

Well, today is the day.  October 1st.  It may ring in another month for most but for me it's the day I started blogging two years ago.  TWO YEARS since my first blog post went live (yes, I cringe sometimes when I look back - we've come a long way, baby). I know, I know.  Two … [Read more...]

Turkey Burgers With Goat Cheese & Honey Mustard

Turkey Burger With Goat Cheese and Honey Mustard PM3

This post brought to you by Butterball Every Day.  All opinions are 100% my own. With the arrival of Fall it's time for a little change of pace.  Sometimes in September and October it can almost seem like that "pace" is actually a full on sprint towards the holidays what with the months … [Read more...]

All Things Creative: The Halloween Edition

All Things Creative The Halloween Edition - 50 + Hallowen Crafts, Recipes and DIY Galore

If you have been following along you knew it was coming.  You knew we were NOT going to disappoint you as we lead into October with this round of All Things Creative because it's time for the Halloween edition! I am sharing a few of my own Halloween posts from the archives including this … [Read more...]