25 Recipes and Home Remedies Using Essential Oils


I hope this past week has been treating you all well!  We are looking forward to a little family getaway soon so we have been trying to get as much done as we can before we take off. While packing for five can be a little crazy (understatement!!) there are a few things we never leave … [Read more...]

Stash Buster Spring Baskets |Spring Craft Ideas


Hi everyone, happy spring from Cindy at Little Miss Celebration!  If you craft a little, a whole lot or somewhere in the middle, chances are pretty good you have some kind of craft stash. You know, all those little treasures left over from projects that add up in a hurry?  These Stash … [Read more...]

Homemade Crispy Sweet Cream Gelato | Spring Treats


#crispycomeback #collectivebias Spring snuck in on us this past Friday and, as per usual, it lasted about one minute and here we are already in the upper 80's - low 90's in Florida. The boys started their Spring Break as well and they were ready for the pool, of course.   They love that … [Read more...]

Homemade DIY Wool Dryer Balls | A Chemical Free, Money Saving Idea


Laundry. With three boys the amount of  laundry we go through around here can be a little ridiculous most weeks.  Just ask Mr. Claire. He's our laundry Commander-In-Chief. ;) We certainly try to cut back where we can -  like making sure to use bath towels more than once (you're … [Read more...]

Spanish Eggs Flamenco Recipe | Dreaming Of Chickens


Last week a lady at Mr. Claire's office brought us a dozen eggs that were laid by her OWN chickens.  Needless to say, I was beside myself.  Fresh eggs!! We made a few fabulous recipes with those eggs over the weekend, including this delicious Spanish Eggs Flamenco recipe. But … [Read more...]

Slow Cooker Asiago and Asparagus Risotto | Easy Crock-Pot Recipes


Another Monday and, as usual, I come off of the weekend with all sorts of new things to share.  A couple of recipes and my money saving DIY Wool Dryer Balls are coming later in the week too. Our boys also just started in a kids hockey league over the weekend.  I'll be interested to … [Read more...]

Redhead Turns THREE! | $500 Cash Giveaway

Redhead Can Decorate 3 Year Blog Anniversary $500 Giveaway

Happy Friday, my friends!  This October, my little blog will turn three years old but I am NOT the redhead we are celebrating today.  Nope, not yet! My pal Julie over at Redhead Can Decorate started blogging about 6 months before me and today we are celebrating her three year … [Read more...]

Bacon Jalapeño Cheddar Cheese Dip


Hello fabulous friends!  Gloria here from Simply Gloria and I'm so happy to be back!  This time I've got a warm, cheesy dip to share with you.  Ready to dive in?? Crispy bacon pieces and fresh jalapeños intertwining with melty cream cheese and topped with bubbly cheddar cheese. … [Read more...]

Homemade Lotion Bars with “Joy” Essential Oil & An Oily Giveaway!


When you think of the word "Joy" what image does it bring to mind?   For me I think of the way my son's faces light up on Christmas morning or the look on a loved one's face as they first see their family member come into view at the airport after they've been gone serving overseas for … [Read more...]

Vanilla Chai Tea Panna Cotta with Balsamic Strawberries | My Happy Place


I'm going to talk about my happy place for a minute and please know that I understand this may be a little hard to take if you are still somewhere that is covered in snow and ice.   Spring IS coming so just have faith and bear with me on this one!! What does this have to do with … [Read more...]

Fifteen Fabulous Cookbooks Giveaway


 It's a happy Friday over here.  You probably all know how much I love a good recipe and I have teamed up with 14 bloggers to bring one lucky winner FIFTEEN cookbooks!       Each of us is sharing one of our favorites for this amazing prize - some are even signed by … [Read more...]

Six Tips For Accessorizing A Tabletop

Six Tips For Accessorizing A Tabletop - use pieces you already have to create a visually inspiring area!

Greetings, friends! It's Amy, from Ms. Toody Goo Shoes, back for another Home and Garden post! It's snowing yet again as I write this, but I'm happy to say that we finally got a break from single-digit temperatures. I'm chomping at the bit to do a post about something springy, but for now, we'll … [Read more...]

Easy Slow Cooker Shrimp Tostadas


I made these Shrimp Tostadas with Campbell’s® Sauces as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars. #CampbellsSauces A few years back Mr. Claire & I found a local Mexican restaurant that we LOVED. The food was amazing.  The owners and staff were fantastic.  We were so excited. … [Read more...]

Easy Italian Pepperoni and Vegetable Tarts

Italian Pepperoni & Vegetable Tarts at ALittleClaireification PM3

I hope you all had a great weekend.  I, for one, feel like I did not accomplish nearly enough, especially considering this week is going to be so busy with work, but sometimes you just have to give yourself a break. I may not have gotten to everything I planned on but I still had all sorts … [Read more...]

Lucky Green Painted Jars | St. Patrick’s Day Crafts

St. Patrick's Day Crafts - Lucky Green Painted Jars

Hi everyone it’s me, Cindy, from Little Miss Celebration.  Are you looking forward to spring as much as I am? It’s been a brutal winter for so many of us and I’ll bet we’re all looking forward to sunshine, green and flowers! Some Lucky Green Painted Jars will brighten things up for St. … [Read more...]