Easy Italian Pepperoni and Vegetable Tarts

Italian Pepperoni & Vegetable Tarts at ALittleClaireification PM3

I hope you all had a great weekend.  I, for one, feel like I did not accomplish nearly enough, especially considering this week is going to be so busy with work, but sometimes you just have to give yourself a break. I may not have gotten to everything I planned on but I still all sorts … [Read more...]

Lucky Green Painted Jars | St. Patrick’s Day Crafts

St. Patrick's Day Crafts - Lucky Green Painted Jars

Hi everyone it’s me, Cindy, from Little Miss Celebration.  Are you looking forward to spring as much as I am? It’s been a brutal winter for so many of us and I’ll bet we’re all looking forward to sunshine, green and flowers! Some Lucky Green Painted Jars will brighten things up for St. … [Read more...]

100+ Ideas For Spring | All Things Creative – Spring Edition 2

100+ Ideas For Spring

One of my favorite monthly posts is our All Things Creative series.  Our team has been hard at work as you will see with this month's 100+ Ideas for Spring! I hope you are ready to get inspired - these posts make me ready for flowers, front porches, lemony desserts and warmer days … [Read more...]

50 St. Patrick’s Day Recipes

50 St. Patrick's Day Recipes

Feeling a little lucky today? I hope so because here are FIFTY St. Patrick's Day Recipes and I have to admit I kind of want to make all of them. We've divided this into two parts - the first half is Savory and the second half is sweet so grab a coffee (or a pint of Guinness - whatever you fancy), … [Read more...]

Creamy Butter Braised Carrots & Slow Cooker Tavern Pot Roast

Creamy Butter Braised Carrots and Tavern Style Pot Roast 5

“I made this delicious meal with Campbell’s® Sauces as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars. #CampbellsSauces Sometimes I look back on things I couldn't stand to eat when I was little and it always amazes me how much our palettes can change over the years.   For instance, I never liked … [Read more...]

Skincare Super Heroes | My Newest Addiction


Hi! My name is Laura and I blog over at My Newest Addiction. I cover anything from the perfect smoothie to the best eyeshadow palettes but here on ALittleClaireification I talk all about beauty products and trends. Today I wanted to switch gears and discuss my Skincare Super Heroes. There are … [Read more...]

Hot Caramel Apple Pie Parfait


Sometimes when things get a little hectic I make myself stop what I am doing for a little while and just brainstorm posts, projects or recipes I want to write or create. Everyone has their creative outlet and writing things down (not typing) is little therapeutic for me. Oh, and … [Read more...]

Lemonade Cookie Gelato | A Girl Scout Cookie Inspired Recipe (& $500 Giveaway!)


Anyone else here have a case of "Spring Fever"?  I personally am getting a little antsy-pants over here and I thought I needed to add a dose of sunshine into our lives.  Lemon desserts are one of my favorites and they are like a little taste of Spring.   I recently ordered … [Read more...]

Strawberry Shortcake Cheesecake Scones


Hello everyone!  Gloria here, from Simply Gloria with another delicious and simple recipe.  I'm so thrilled to share with you a sinful dessert which includes sweet strawberries and creamy cheesecake!    Puffy golden fried scones smeared with a decadent cheesecake … [Read more...]

5 Ways To Keep Kids Healthy | Healthy Living, Healthy Home


Unless you are hiding under a rock, you have probably seen the news about several strains of flu going around and also this whole national measles epidemic.  Yikes.  It's a little scary but the reality is that we can't just stay locked up in our homes and not get out and live our … [Read more...]

Grilled Ribeye Sandwich With Gorgonzola Cream Sauce


Thank you to Collective Bias, Inc. and Alexia Foods for partnering with me on this post. All opinions are 100% my own. #GameTimeGrub #CollectiveBias Hey guys! Mr. Claire here and, as I write this, I’m indescribably happy.  And it isn't just about this ridiculously good Grilled … [Read more...]

Upside Down Cinnamon Apple Cake with Orange Glaze


Weekend breakfasts.  Is there anything better than waking up to a delicious hot breakfast followed by a lazy weekend day?  It's pretty high on our list of good things.   If you recall my easy Baked Peach Pancake or Overnight Blueberry French Toast Casserole recipes you know I … [Read more...]

DIY “Don’t Change A Thing” Printable Valentine Treat Bag Toppers


"Don't Change A Thing" Printable Valentine Treat Bag Toppers  - Valentine's made easy:  I am really excited to launch our Glue Gun Wars series today starting with "Challenge Glitter", and I'm going to tell you all about it below because YOUR project could win a prize with the … [Read more...]

10 Tips For Attracting Birds In Winter

10 Tips For Attracting Birds In Winter

  Hello, everyone, it's Amy, aka Ms. Toody Goo Shoes! I'm taking the liberty of considering this a "Garden" post, since it does fall under my "job" description, here at Claire's. I know, I know, it's the dead of winter, and there's a lot of snow on the ground here in NJ, but it's actually a … [Read more...]

Twenty-Five Valentine’s Day Treat Ideas

Valentine's Day Treats  - 25 Delicious Ideas

After all of the Christmas decor is finally put away and actually makes it way back into the garage in a somewhat organized fashion, I will admit that we don't really decorate too much for Valentine's Day around here.   Well, I did make a Valentine's Wreath last year (that was almost a crafty … [Read more...]