Shopping On A Budget: Getting Kids Styled at Great Prices

So here’s the crazy thing about these boys of mine.  They Just. Keep. Growing.  Of course we’re thankful they are healthy and growing like weeds, but it seems like we jusssst went back-to-school shopping and already some things don’t fit them anymore.  Not to mention the “playground casualties” including the occasional ripped pants and worn knees.  That can definitely be a little tough on a budget! 

Since I can’t really send them to school with no pants (generally frowned upon!),  this past weekend we popped over to Old Navy to take advantage of the Kids & Baby Sale they have going on right now through Feb. 20th.  I have been shopping at Old Navy for years and years.  The Oldest, who is going to start college soon, basically lived in Old Navy clothes for a good portion of his life because I can always find great sales on kids clothes (and I am SOOO not a mall person so there’s another reason I love it).

Not only was I able to get my two little guys new pants and shorts for school, but I also snagged a couple of adorable outfits for Easter since the sale prices were so great.  Talk about planning ahead – I feel so organized!  :)

Shopping on a Budget with #oldnavy #cgc #budget #clothes

How dapper are these little button down striped “Dobby” shirts??

And, of course I have mentioned Littlest and how crazy brave he is always wanting to go swimming in the Winter.  Even in Florida, that pool is COLD, folks!  His bathing suit was getting pretty worn out, so he was excited to pick out a new bathing suit, swim shirt AND matching flip flops all on his own! (the flip flops were only $2.50!)   He is very proud of his new pool and beach get-up.

Shopping on a Budget with #oldnavy #cgc #budget #clothes

Since dragging an 8 and a 6 year old clothes shopping can be a bit of a challenge, I like taking them to Old Navy because we can always find what we need, try things on quickly, and get on our way which is a huge bonus for this Mom.  We even had time for a little silliness…

Shopping on a Budget with #oldnavy #cgc #budget #clothes

Can you pick which one is mine??

So the selection was great but most importantly the prices were well within our budget (and you know how much I love to save money)!  If you are on a budget like we are, be sure not to miss the Kids & Baby Sale at Old Navy  (and did I mention that I still can’t believe I got their Easter outfits already?? Crazy!).

Have a great week!



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