Easy Mexican Layer Dip | Perfect For Summer AND Kick off!!

Easy Mexican Layer Dip Recipe at ALittleClaireification.com @ALittleClaire #MexicanFood #Recipes

Summer is such a great time for entertaining and getting together with friends.  In addition to a good, old fashioned cookout, sometimes it’s really fun to pick a party theme where guests bring over their favorite dish, potluck style.  It certainly makes it easier on everyone, which means more time to relax and have fun for the party hosts too!

Every now and then, we like to have a little Mexican themed party, complete with a self serve taco or fajita bar and pitchers of iced cold sangria – both with real wine and also a non-alcoholic version so there are options for everyone.

Easy Mexican Layer Dip Recipe at ALittleClaireification.com @ALittleClaire #MexicanFood #Recipes

One thing that practically everyone always enjoys is a good Mexican layer dip.  It’s so simple to make, yet it’s usually the first empty serving dish at every party.   This past weekend we had some friends over and I threw together this quick, delicious dip in less than 30 minutes and it was gone in a flash!

Super easy – and VERY delicious!!

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    • Claire says

      Thanks, Andi! And I love dips too. Cheese. Dips. Spreads. Breads. You see there is a pattern {er..problem?} here. lol
      Thanks for always being a sweet encouragement!! xoxo

  1. says

    I’m coming to your next Mexican party! This dip is wonderful! I could probably grab my own bag of chips and eat it for dinner, its that good!


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