Chili Chocolate Valentine Truffles | A Crash Course In Aphrodisiacs

Chili Chocolate Valentine Truffles with #Recipes #Truffles #Valentines #Chocolate

Before I get into this delicious post, I have to confess that I was honestly struggling with posting about Valentine’s Day earlier this month.  Mainly because I hate rushing the holidays – time is already moving fast enough – but I am feeling a little better about it today since it’s now less than a month away.

Not to mention the fact that “everyone else is doing it”.

Chili Chocolate Valentine Truffles with #Recipes #Truffles #Valentines #Chocolate

No, I am not a sheep. But I count them at night sometimes…

Mostly it’s that I just can’t wait any longer to post these Chili Chocolate Valentine Truffles because they are SO delicious. I’m sorry but there you have it.  Chocolate deliciousness wins, every time.

For the record, the Hubs and I are actually not big on Valentine’s Day at all as far as spending money on some pricey dinner on February 14th and the red roses and all of that.  See, we love to cook together all year ’round so there’s that.  I WILL, however, admit I love looking at all of the fun Valentine’s recipes and crafts that people, like yours truly, come up with.  Don’t tell.

Chili Chocolate Valentine Truffles with #Recipes #Truffles #Valentines #Chocolate

Now these truffles… well, ok.  Hold on.  Let me back up.  Many moons {and heart filled holidays} ago someone gave us an absolutely beautimus cookbook called InterCourses {ohhh don’t freak out, this is a family friendly blog}.  😉

Intercourses CookbookChili Chocolate Valentine Truffles with #Recipes #Truffles #Valentines #Chocolate

Seriously, though.  It was such a neat gift and is filled with delicious recipes.  Is it provocative and sexy?  Yes.  The photography is stunning – we had so much fun reading this one and trying new recipes.  I highly recommend it as a fantastic wedding or shower gift or, of course, a super romantic Valentine gift for the love of your life.

While you may have heard about the secret “aphrodisiac powers” of chocolate or oysters, did you know that pine nuts and even asparagus are considered to be aphrodisiacs as well?

Chili Chocolate Valentine Truffles with #Recipes #Truffles #Valentines #Chocolate

In my search on this topic, chili peppers came up on the list too.  Now, if you are one that doesn’t like spicy foods, let me assure you… a little chili pepper in chocolate is not something that will make your forehead sweat or anything like that.  It just adds a little subtle heat and it is delicious.

Chili Chocolate Valentine Truffles with #Recipes #Truffles #Valentines #Chocolate

Making the ganache filling for these truffles could not be any easier.  A little boiling heavy cream poured over quality chocolate and well combined and you’re done.

Chili Chocolate Valentine Truffles with #Recipes #Truffles #Valentines #Chocolate

In this batch I added some red sugar to the chocolate.

I used red, pink and white candy melts to coat these and the secret is to add a little shortening to the melted chocolate so the coating will be shiny and easier to work with.  Genius.  You can use whatever sprinkles you would like.

Chili Chocolate Valentine Truffles with #Recipes #Truffles #Valentines #Chocolate

Using a small sandwich bag is great for quick and easy piping and clean up.  You can even pipe shapes like little hearts or “Xs and Os” onto the cookie sheet and you have instant decorations once they are cooled.

Chili Chocolate Valentine Truffles with #Recipes #Truffles #Valentines #Chocolate

You can whip up a quick batch of these for your sweetheart in no time.  I say a romantic dinner at home {hopefully with some asparagus, oysters or pine nuts} and for dessert?  Chili Chocolate truffles.  We all know the way to a person’s heart is food, right??  Time for some lurrrrve.

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  1. says

    Hi Claire! Stopping by from Best of the weekend, and had to check out these amazing truffles. Oh, man! They look so good!! These would be a super-cute (and delicious) treat for my son’s teachers. Thanks so much for hosting another great party! ~Erin

  2. says

    Loved this post, Claire! We are the same – no Valentine’s Day fuss for us, either. I like to bake my boys a valentine’s treat, and some truffles, now, too! These are so pretty – pinning right now!

  3. says

    These look absolutely amazing! I have to confess, when I saw the cinnamon/chocolate combination, I hesitated for half a second. But I can’t wait to try two of the things I love most – chocolate & spice!

    • Claire says

      Thanks so much for stopping by, Leisa. So glad to have you here! You can omit the cinnamon if you would like. The ganache is so easy and you can make it your own. :) Hope you are having a great weekend!

    • Claire says

      Thank you so much, Sarah! Keep that ganache super cold and, while still a little messy rolling out the balls {ie: chocolate hands!!}, it is much easier to work with. Let me know if you try them!

  4. says

    Claire, you are totally the truffle queen! You’re truffles always look so pretty. You make it look so easy. Thanks for sharing these at Marvelous Mondays last week. Pinning and sharing on social media today. :) Have a lovely super bowl Sunday!

  5. says

    We feel the same way about Valentine’s day around here. And what fun idea for a book!

    I’m not grown up enough to know what ganache is but it looks pretty and sounds delicous. 😉


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