My Craft Supplies: Organization Made Easy

Houston, we have a problem.  Well I HAD an enormous organizational problem and I will share it with you all in the hopes that I am not the only one.

Craft Supplies: Organization Made Easy with A #Organization #RubbermaidAllAccess #ad #crafts

I have worked hard to get organized over the last 40 years year or so.  My Mother may actually read this and laugh.  The truth is we accumulate too much stuff.  Now generally I would say “get rid of it” but in the case of the blog, I kind of need to have my craft supplies readily available.

Spending a half an hour or more searching for something I need does not work for me.  Whether it’s a specific craft item or a food prop, I really need to be able to find them quickly.  If I can’t, I become “cranky pants” and that’s no fun.  Just ask my family. 😉

When  my oldest left for college this past Fall I wrote a post about the fact that, while I was happy for him yet sad that he was leaving, I was gaining some much needed closet space.  A precious commodity in these parts.  The reality is what happened since then is this:

Craft Supplies: Organization Made Easy with A #Organization #RubbermaidAllAccess #ad #crafts

Er, yes.  Five {FIVE!!} months later.  If you didn’t run screaming, thank you.  The craft boxes got shoved into the closet and I have had to dig through them Every. Stinking. Time I needed something.  The holidays got so busy and there was just never enough time and I wasn’t even sure how to organize it.

Craft Supplies: Organization Made Easy with A #Organization #RubbermaidAllAccess #ad #crafts

There were even supplies in drawers and stacked on top of surfaces.  The closet has a narrow door yet space on the left and right thus making it hard to organize (AND hard to photograph – sorry about that part).

Craft Supplies: Organization Made Easy with A #Organization #RubbermaidAllAccess #ad #crafts

When I saw these Rubbermaid All Access storage containers at Home Depot it was a bit of an epiphany.  As in… I am pretty sure the angels started singing and I could hear the Hallelujah Chorus playing in my head.  Yes, dear friends.  I had a moment, right there in the aisle of Home Depot.

So before they could haul me away, I snapped these up and headed home.  I was reminded of some commercial a few years back “Start the car!!!”.  They were priced just right because of the “Winter Storage Event” and I knew I had a perfect solution for my out of control craft closet.  Almost too good to be true.

Craft Supplies: Organization Made Easy with A #Organization #RubbermaidAllAccess #ad #crafts

I am in love with how the all access side panels open so no more unstacking bins to get to the one I need.  I can see what is inside so no more digging through boxes.  Yes, I am in love.

Craft Supplies: Organization Made Easy with A #Organization #RubbermaidAllAccess #ad #crafts

In your life, you probably have at least one area that needs organization {if you do not, please try and humor me}.  Maybe it’s your crafts or a “gift box” for Teacher Gifts or last minute birthday gifts.  Maybe it’s your candle collection – ok, it could be just me that has that problem.

Whatever area you need to tackle, I’d love to hear your solutions too!

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