DIY Easy Valentine Wreath – A Crafty Fail?

DIY Easy Valentine Wreath - A Crafty Fail?? with #crafts #DIY #Valentines

I have a “wreath mental block”.  Seriously.  I haven’t made a wreath in a long, long time. During the holidays, I always see all of the beautiful wreaths all over the internet and I always think I will try to make one again but it just hasn’t happened.

But I’m a fighter, y’all, and I was determined to get past this obstacle once and for all.  I decided I would start with a super easy Valentine wreath.  Baby steps.  Therapy, if you will.

At some point in my crafty adventures, I had snagged a couple of straw wreaths on sale.  I had holiday ribbon and some “poofy” little heart shapes from Pick Your Plum that I hadn’t even opened yet {and I already have an unhealthy collection of Washi Tape in every color known to man} so I figured I could pull this off, easy.

Famous last words.

DIY Easy Valentine Wreath - A Crafty Fail?? with #crafts #DIY #Valentines

For starters, don’t buy these straw wreaths.  It could be an operator error on my part, but when I unwrapped the plastic {which SOME manufacturer SOME where decided would be a good idea to shrink wrap to the straw} it looked like a scarecrow had self imploded on my craft table.  And my floor.  And my clothing.

Trust me.  Just buy a styrofoam wreath.  Or a grapevine wreath.  Or ANY other kind of wreath-like substance.

Sooo I thought to myself “this isn’t going too well so far”, but I didn’t give up and I decided to use some clear packing tape to try and correct this straw catastrophe.  Not exactly the au naturale look I was going for but it worked and I thought to myself that I could cover it up with the hearts, ribbon and washi tape.  Or maybe a small, furry animal.

After a wee battle with the tape gun, I moved on to the washi tape.

DIY Easy Valentine Wreath - A Crafty Fail?? with #crafts #DIY #Valentines

I admittedly have a little love affair with Washi Tape and it’s easy to find, especially online.  If you don’t have washi tape I suggest a little ribbon and hot glue.

Now… did you know that washi tape does not like straw and will battle you and resist?  Ok, well now you know.  In the end, the washi tape complied and by wrapping it around multiple times I was able to get it to fully cooperate.

Of course, meanwhile, all of the other rolls of washi tape were shaking in fear in the craft bin.

Washi Tape Protest with #crafts #DIY #Valentines

Don’t worry little washi buddies.  No more wire coat hangers AND no more straw wreaths.  Pinky swear.

DIY Easy Valentine Wreath - A Crafty Fail?? with #crafts #DIY #Valentines

Back to these adorable “poofy” hearts for a second.  You can use whatever style heart on a wreath that you prefer – craft stores have a ton of options or you could use fabric hearts, etc.

If you have been in any craft or drug store recently you know that hearts have been in abundance since, oh, about December 26th.

DIY Easy Valentine Wreath - A Crafty Fail?? with #crafts #DIY #Valentines

I do love these hearts and, at a closer glance, you will see the irony.  Once I opened them I discovered that they happen to be made of some sort of straw like material, as if to taunt me.  I decided to move forward anyway.

DIY Easy Valentine Wreath - A Crafty Fail?? with #crafts #DIY #Valentines

I made a no fuss, simple bow with some leftover holiday ribbon.  I dig polka dots, how about you?  {if you are humming “Send In The Clowns”, please let me know in the comments and I’ll see you in therapy}.  I hot glued the ribbon and hearts onto the wreath.

DIY Easy Valentine Wreath - A Crafty Fail?? with #crafts #DIY #Valentines

I started to add a second pattern of washi tape but after a few circles, I decided I liked it better with just the one pattern.  It looked too busy.

DIY Easy Valentine Wreath - A Crafty Fail?? with #crafts #DIY #Valentines

I was also going to add the hearts all around but, again, I actually like the simplicity of just having a few.  With three boys we don’t really go nuts with Valentine decorating around here.

DIY Easy Valentine Wreath - A Crafty Fail?? with #crafts #DIY #Valentines

In fact, when I showed it to my Husband he just smiled and said “My Mother would SO hang that.”.  I rest my case.

So what do you think?  Crafty fail, or no?

DIY Easy Valentine Wreath - A Crafty Fail?? with #crafts #DIY #Valentines

Too froofy or just right?  Would love to hear your thoughts so leave a comment below.  I read each and every one.For now, it looks like someone had an all night rave in a barn over here so I’ve got some straw to clean up.

{Post edit 1/30/14 – After all of that, Good Housekeeping Magazine featured this wreath online HERE.  Yahoo!}

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  1. says

    I agree the straw can be a real mess, but making do this turned out really cute! I am going to remember this come fall~

    Thanks for sharing~
    Huggs, Nancy

    • Claire says

      Aside from the straw fiasco it is indeed easy! Thanks Mary Beth! And don’t worry – the next wreath I make will probably be at Christmas. lol


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