DIY Mercury Glass & Mod Podge Stencils

DIY Mercury Glass with #DIY #MercuryGlass #ModPodge

About a year ago I tried making my own mercury glass and it was so fun, not to mention it’s just really “stupid easy” to do, as well.  Today I am going to transform one of those pieces using a stencil, Mod Podge & glitter but first here is a recap of the DIY Mercury Glass and then we’ll get to the other.


  • “Looking Glass” mirror-like spray paint by Krylon
  • White Vinegar
  • Water
  • A clean spray bottle
  • Paper towels or a soft rag for blotting
  • Clear glass pieces  you want to transform

At the time, I simply looked around the house and rounded up my little glass collection.

DIY Mercury Glass with #DIY #MercuryGlass #ModPodge

You want to make sure the items you will be painting are clean and completely dry {I clearly had to wash these after the picture!}.

In the spray bottle, mix 50% water with 50% white vinegar.  I used about 1/4 cup of each and that was plenty.

I started with a mini glass “hurricane” – I have at least 20 of these that I bought years ago and I use them for outside parties.  You can find something similar at the dollar store.

DIY Mercury Glass with #DIY #MercuryGlass #ModPodge

You’ll notice that when you read the directions on the “Looking Glass” spray, it instructs us to spray the INSIDE of the piece.  Well, being the little, redheaded rebel that I am, I bucked THAT whole system after loads of research online and I decided to apply it on the OUTSIDE.  Not only is it more manageable to distress but I’d also like to actually USE these pieces for flowers or candles, etc.

I placed the glass upside down on some newspapers – you want to do one piece at a time since you have to work fast, so have your vinegar solution and well shaken “Looking Glass” spray standing by.

Start by lightly misting the glass all over with the vinegar solution.  You want little beads, not a runny mess so this was a little bit of a learning curve for me too. Immediately spray a very thin coat of “Looking Glass” spray, lightly coating the outside of the glass.

DIY Mercury Glass with #DIY #MercuryGlass #ModPodge

You can see I did have a few drops that were running on this first attempt, but that’s ok.  Each piece is going to look very different which is the cool thing about mercury glass.  After one minute, lightly blot the glass with a soft rag or paper towel.

Use a light circular motion – I pressed a little harder in some areas to distress the paint.  In some spots it even removes the paint, giving it a very worn and crackly look.

I repeated this process three times – mist with the vinegar, spray with “Looking Glass”, allow to set for 30 seconds to one minute and then distress.  Wait a minute or two and repeat.  I turned my pieces right side up for the last 1-2 coats to cover the lip of each.  You can add as many coats as you would like.  I stuck with 3-4 on all of my pieces.

Here’s are the the “hurricanes” before and after.  Love.

DIY Mercury Glass with #DIY #MercuryGlass #ModPodge

Next up, a random glass vase that was under my kitchen sink for ages.  I know I did not buy it so it must have come with some flowers I received at one point.  I used the same method, working quickly to distress between coats.

DIY Mercury Glass with #DIY #MercuryGlass #ModPodge

The possibilities are pretty endless!  I also used a glass votive and a jam jar since I have been saving those (repeat after me: “I am not a hoarder, I am a crafter.”)  But I AM just a smucker sucker for before and afters:

DIY Mercury Glass with #DIY #MercuryGlass #ModPodge

The glass on the votives already had a pattern so I used the least amount of spray on these.  I still had a little “Looking Glass” spray left after these 4 pieces and since then I have used this same technique on quite a few pieces – DIY Mercury Glass is highly addictive.  You have been warned. 

So now you are caught up on the mercury glass tutorial and I have to show you one of my favorite new things.  I decided to try a new technique on the jelly jar using a new Mod Podge Rocks! Peel & Stick Stencil that you can find at Michael’s.  These are so cool, you guys.

DIY Mercury Glass with #DIY #MercuryGlass #ModPodge

The stencil peels off the clear backing and adheres to whatever clean, smooth surface you are using.

DIY Mercury Glass with #DIY #MercuryGlass #ModPodge

Simply attach the stencil, apply a thin coat of Mod Podge using a little spouncer sponge, remove the stencil and cover with glitter, tapping off the excess as you set it down to dry.  After about 20 minutes, I used a clean brush to clear off the extra glitter.  So easy!

 DIY Mercury Glass with #DIY #MercuryGlass #ModPodge

Now I used silver glitter because that was the look I wanted but it does not show very well in the picture.  Booo.  I must have taken 40 pictures to try and get a good one.  Yet I am sitting here looking at the jar and the little sparkly dots are subtle but they definitely show and and it’s so pretty!

DIY Mercury Glass with #DIY #MercuryGlass #ModPodge

I used blue glitter on a cheap little Glade candle and I love how it turned out – I can’t wait to light this bad boy tonight and watch it sparkle!  I clearly have a low joy threshold. 😉

Next time I am going to try it on a picture frame but I am in love with these stencils!  They stick back on to the backing and can be re-used up to 20 times.  So cool!

I am doing a simple giveaway and the winner will receive one of these cool Mod Podge Rocks! Peel & Stick Stencils so be sure to enter below.  Have a great weekend my friends!

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  1. Laurie S says

    I have really wanted to try these new stencils!! They look awesome for smaller diy crafts. U found these spray paint but haven’t got up the nerve to try the glass projects yet..!! Now I will thanks!!

  2. Danielle says

    Love both the “mercury” glass idea, and this mod podge idea! I have drooled over some mercury glass accessories lately but never want to pay the price tag for them, thanks for this inexpensive idea!

  3. Shannon says

    I love these stencils!!! I think the dot and starlite patterns are my favorites!! I saw some of the Looking Glass paint yesterday at the store. Gotta get some to try the mercury glass look!!!

  4. Cheryl Dietz says

    I am a lot like you, I love new projects and when it sparkles, it makes me happy. I bought some looking glass paint in October to paint a glass pumpkin with, but when the directions said to put it on the inside, I kind of froze in place and didn’t attempt it. I might proceed now that I know you painted the exterior and had good results. I would love to win the modge podge stencils, how fun would they be to play with…. heehee

  5. Cynthia says

    I like the keys and the chevron. It is a toss up. The chevron gets my final vote ! I can’t wait to try the Mercury glass project with my special education students. Thank you for your website and for sharing .

  6. says

    You make me wanna Craft, Claire! Anything that is stupid easy is just my speed. And although I missed the contest, I am going to Michaels to get those stencils!


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