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Another Monday and how was your weekend, sweet friends?  Any time to relax?  Any fun memories?  Did you make it count?

I think we sometimes tend to fly through these days and count down each weekday until the weekend.  In fact, I was pouring my coffee Friday morning and once again thought “Oh thank God.  It’s Friday”.

Show Us Your April - A Photo A Day at ALittleClaireification.com #bloggers #life #inspiration

But then on Friday night my Littlest was in bed and he said “Mama, why are you always working?”

Aside from being completely taken aback I was also a little heart broken.  I have written about balance. I have written about time management.  I have said I will slow down.  Why is a seven year old asking me this question?

Show Us Your April - A Photo A Day at ALittleClaireification.com #bloggers #life #inspiration

He’s right, you know.  I do work a lot and between family, work and blog it’s still a daily challenge for me to find that balance. To find the right rhythm.  To step away from the work stuff.  To listen.

It’s hard to truly live in the moment without being preoccupied with other things.

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Recently, my sweet {and ridiculously funny} friend Amy over at Ms. Toody Goo Shoes published a fantastic post about her February Photo Diary.  I loved it so much and thought “what a brilliant idea to take a snapshot of just one moment every day for a month”.

I mean, no matter who you are, our days are filled with thousands of little moments and memories and, yet, looking back on any given month, it’s kind of hard to sum it up, isn’t it?  I know it’s not just me that can’t even recall what I ate for breakfast most days, right?

Please humor me and tell me I am right.

Show Us Your April - A Photo A Day at ALittleClaireification.com #bloggers #life #inspiration

So I’ve decided to join Amy on this fun adventure and, while I’ve personally gotten a late start in March, we will both be creating a Photo A Day Diary for April and we would LOVE for you to join us too!

Maybe your focus is family or maybe it’s DIY projects or recipes or crafts or just a mixture of all of the above and more.  It doesn’t matter – on May 1st, we will all link up our photo diary posts from April so we can share each other’s journey and I can’t WAIT.

Be sure to check out Amy’s February Photo Diary for some inspiration and for a better idea of how she did it for February, and we both hope to see you back here or over at Amy’s blog to join us and link up YOUR awesome April photo diaries on May 1st.

Now, go make some memories, hug the ones you love and I hope you all have a fantastic week!

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