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Well, today we are headed home from our mini Spring Break vacation after an awesome little cruise on the newly refurbished Disney Magic {don’t worry, I will be posting all about it soon!} so my sweet friend Emily from It Bakes Me Happy is filling in for me until I am “back at the helm” in a day or so.

Samoas just happen to be one of my favorite Girl Scout Cookies of all time so without further ado, please welcome Emily!


Hello! I’m Emily from It Bakes Me Happy and today Claire has graciously allowed me the chance to take over for her and share one of my latest baking obsessions, Samoa Sweet Rolls.

Who is this girl you may be wondering?  I’m a stay at home mom to two little ones.  I left my career as a graphic designer three years ago and I couldn’t be happier!  I started It Bakes Me Happy back in 2010, not long after being married, as a way to keep track of which recipes my husband liked.  These days I balance creating new recipes and trying to capture the perfect food photograph with nap time, feedings and diaper changes.

I have a serious sweet tooth and an ever growing love of spending time in the kitchen.  I love chocolate, I mean LOVE… especially brownies.  I’m obsessed with all things bread, muffins are my favorite and until recently I wasn’t much of a cookie fan.

Claire and I met last year through a blog giveaway we were both participating in and we’ve been blogging pals ever since. It really is a small world online, Claire and I both live in sunny Florida and hopefully we can meet in person soon!  But enough about me and on to the sweets…

Samoa Sweet Rolls #recipe #GirlScouts #dessert

Today I am happy to be sharing these sweet rolls and to finally provide you all with a good excuse to eat cookies for breakfast, sort of. I decided to take my favorite Girl Scout cookie and make it into something a little more socially acceptable for breakfast – you know, just in case you feel guilty eating a cookie for breakfast.

Although I’ve got to be honest with you, I don’t feel ashamed one bit! I love eating a little something sweet in the morning most days and these Samoa Sweet Rolls have all the classic flavors of the beloved cookie but in a roll.

Samoa Sweet Rolls #recipe #GirlScouts #dessert

Toasted coconut, caramel and chocolate all rolled up together into one decadent sweet roll. Top them off with a little extra coconut and a drizzle of chocolate syrup or enjoy them warm from the pan without all the fixings. Either way, they make a delicious breakfast or a truly indulgent dessert, especially when paired with a scoop of ice cream.

One thing I love about this recipe is that you can make the dough a day or two in advance and then store it in the fridge until you’re ready to bake. Or, even better, bake up a batch mid-week and freeze the second one for an easy weekend breakfast.

I just want to say thank you again to Claire for letting me take over today and share this recipe with you all. If you like this and want to read more, visit me at It Bakes Me Happy. Or you can follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or even Twitter.

The recipe is below and I hope you’ll enjoy one or two of these Samoa Sweet Rolls.  Happy baking!

Samoa Sweet Rolls #recipe #GirlScouts #dessert


Thank you so much for being here today, Emily!!  These look ridiculously good and I have to make them ASAP.  Maybe it will help soften the blow of having to come back from vacation.  😉  I hope you all get a chance to visit Emily over at It Bakes Me Happy and make sure to print or bookmark the recipe below!

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    Well aren’t you a most wonderful blogging friend from the stand point of filling in and also for posting such delicious looking rolls. I am working and drinking coffee and boy howdy I wish I could get Scottie to beam me up a couple of those rolls. I really like the fact you can make the dough ahead and put in
    in the fridge. That is a real boon for we working women and when you are having guests over.

  2. says

    Yummy! I love Samoas was was a little disappointed that my folks didn’t mail me any this year. My family would go bonkers for these yummy rolls, Emily!

  3. says

    Wow, these rolls look so amazing – wish I had some for breakfast this morning! Thanks for sharing Emily and Claire and hope you had a wonderful trip :)

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