Easy Cheddar Bacon Crescent Poppers | Ready To POP!

It’s Spring and it seems like every time I turn around flowers AND babies are “popping” up everywhere!

In honor of that very thing, a bunch of us are throwing a virtual baby shower today to celebrate TWO very special gals – Kelly from Life Made Sweeter and Hilary from My Own Blog Review – and the theme?

Recipes that are ready to “POP” so you are in for a treat today.  I’ve brought some easy Cheddar Bacon Crescent Poppers to the party and get ready for poppy seeds, popcorn, popsicles and so much more.

Easy Cheddar Bacon Crescent Poppers | ALittleClaireification.com #recipe #appetizers

You know that, as a Mom of three boys, I love {love, love, love} easy recipes and especially something I can take to a party, a baby shower or a little Spring “soirée”.

Easy Cheddar Bacon Crescent Poppers | ALittleClaireification.com #recipe #appetizers

These are a perfect, party solution – they travel well and they get gobbled up.

Easy Cheddar Bacon Crescent Poppers | ALittleClaireification.com #recipe #appetizers

Well of course they do.  Crescent Rolls, Cheese, Bacon… what’s not to like??

Easy Cheddar Bacon Crescent Poppers | ALittleClaireification.com #recipe #appetizers

You can print this easy recipe below and you also must check out all of the fun:

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Congrats again to Kelly and Hilary and a big thanks to Zainab and Ashley for coordinating this fun virtual shower!!

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  1. says

    These look delicious! I’m actually not much of a bacon person myself (I know… everyone thinks that’s insane), but my boyfriend LOVES it. He would definitely love these (and I can omit from mine, if that’s not too bacon-blasphemous). Yum! :)

  2. says

    I am in the process of stock piling some appetizer for a doozie of an Easter dinner I am going to have.
    Of course since I am a one woman show, easy is the name of the game. This recipe works for me.
    Plus who doesn’t like bacon and cheese. Not anyone that comes to my house!

  3. says

    These look delicious Claire! I love easy and tasty appetizers – cheddar and bacon makes my heart sing :) Thank you so much for taking part in this wonderful surprise and bringing these fantastic treats to the virtual shower for Hilary and I. I am so touched that all you fabulous ladies took the time out to share so many wonderful recipes and wish we could all celebrate together. Hope you have a great week Claire *big big hugs*

  4. Odelle Smith says

    Thanks for sharing, I’ll enjoy making & eating these little crescents……
    Bacon & Cheese, what a delight….
    Make some & freeze some that’s if they ever make it that far…..
    Awesome recipe, thanks….
    Odelle Smith. x


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