Happy Birthday To Our Very Own Grumpy Cat – Meet Arwen

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Do you have a cat?  Is he or she grumpy?  Ours is a complete diva and she is definitely grumpy sometimes.  This is Arwen.  She is named after the fabulous elven princess from J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Lord Of The Rings” series.  Oh and what a “princess” she truly is.  You’d think she owns the place.

Grumpy Cat Diaries

We adopted Arwen from the shelter in 2001 when she was approximately one and she is now celebrating her 14th birthday.  While she may be a complete grouch sometimes, we love her to bits {please don’t tell her that – we have to try and keep the upper hand around here}.  ;)

Cats are quirky and independent and wouldn’t you just love to know what they were thinking sometimes??  I think we have all seen some pretty funny cat humor online over the years – this is one of my favorites, especially #1:

plotting cat

So, we decided to throw Arwen a little “Grumpy Cat” birthday.  We even planned all sorts of things for her like “Pin The Tail On The Dog” and photo props.

Grumpy Cat Party

Clearly she’s having fun, right??

Ok, she wasn’t too amused but once we busted out the Friskies ® Party Mix she decided to show some interest right away, even if she still repeatedly refused to look at the camera.  We even got her to wear a party hat for 10 seconds {which was about nine seconds longer than I planned on}.  The Party Mix totally distracted her!  It must be good stuff.

Birthday Grumpy Cat

Did I mention that cats are stubborn?  Arwen takes great pleasure in refusing to do what she is asked but she CAN be bribed with treats.  Sort of.

Anyway, here’s the great “grumpy” news – Friskies ® is hosting the official Grumpy Cat’s Birthday Party and you can enter to win a trip to New York City by uploading a picture of your OWN cat’s grumpy face!  You can bet I will be sending a long a picture of our “grumpy” Princess too!

 photo GrumpyCat_zpscaf7fc86.jpg

In the meanwhile, grab some Friskies ® Party Mix at Wal Mart and treat your own little grumpy “diva”.  At the end of the day, Arwen doesn’t “smile” much, but we still love her.  Even if she DOES always sleep on my feet.

I’d love to hear all about YOUR “grumpy” cat so tell me all about it in the comments!

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  1. oh see, now I have to have my dog a party!! She’s excited about her treats!!

  2. OMG. This post is too funny, Claire! Funny, your cat is about the same age as my gremlin dog. The gremlin turned 14 on 3/11. She likes treats and she likes to chase cats, armadillos, raccoons and crazy wabbits. See, maybe they have something in common!

  3. Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha.

  4. Cats are so much fun, I wish I wasn’t severely allergic to them! :( I can totally see you as a crazy cat lady, LOL. Happy Birthday Arwen!!

  5. haha! This post cracked me up! I have two total diva cats too!

  6. I failed to mention your infographic is on target, cats try to kill me on my morning run…

  7. This post made me laugh! My boyfriend’s parents have a few greenhouse cats and they’re total divas too!

    Danielle at Framed Frosting

  8. Aw, love your kitty! And it looks like she was really enjoying those treats :)

  9. So funny! I have a Diva in training, 1 year old kitten. Arwen is beautiful! Love the kitty infographic. :)

  10. Bahahahah…yeah, I KNOW my cat is plotting something! He tried to kill my husband on daily basis :)
    Happy birthday to your Miss Kitty!

  11. I just laughed out loud reading this! The pictures KILLED me!!

  12. What a fun post Claire! Between Danielle and her BF they have 3 cats…. I will be sending her that “cat plotting” thing – she will love it!!

  13. Lol! This made me laugh tonight :)

    • Well good! Yes, she’s a diva but she’s OUR diva so we’ll all just have to put up with her kitty shenanigans! :)

  14. This is hilarious, Claire! I used to have cats, but sadly, they both passed on to cat heaven. One of our cats was definitely grumpy. He was pretty anti-social, and kept to himself a lot. But we loved him anyway.

  15. Aaw hahaha – I love this post – so adorable and fun and totally made me laugh :) Happy happy birthday to “princess” Arwen and glad she enjoyed the treats :)

  16. Soooo my cats are definitely plotting my death, good to know ;)

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