Ehh, What’s Up Doc? | 22 Carrot Craft & Recipe Ideas

Carrot Craft Ideas - Easter Fun With Carrots

I don't know about your "hip hop" skills, but nonetheless it's all things CARROTS over here today for a little Easter inspiration! Here are a bunch of super fun and delicious carrot craft & recipe ideas that would even make Bugs Bunny proud. Starting with the crafts: Clockwise From Top … [Read more...]

All Things Creative | The Green Edition

50 Green Collage

It's time for part two in our "All Things Creative" series and we have another fun round up of great ideas for you this month! … [Read more...]

DIY Mercury Glass & Mod Podge Stencils

Stenciled Jelly Jar

About a year ago I tried making my own mercury glass and it was so fun, not to mention it's just really "stupid easy" to do, as well.  Today I am going to transform one of those pieces using a stencil, Mod Podge & glitter but first here is a recap of the DIY Mercury Glass and then we'll get to … [Read more...]

Do You Feel Lucky? | DIY St. Patrick’s Day Gift Tags

St Patricks Day Tags

Did you just read that title and raise an eyebrow?  I think I saw you.  "Really?  A St. Patrick's Day Craft??" I know.  I'll be honest that I am a little burnt out on Valentine's over here and I had the supplies so I figured I would switch gears.  I hope you were sitting down since I am so ahead of … [Read more...]

All Things Creative: A New Series | The Valentine Edition

Valentine Collage

Help! I am not sure where January has gone and I was hoping you could help me find it? I feel like I say this Every. Single. Month. and time seems to speed up just because I keep saying it.  Maybe instead I will start saying "I cannot BELIEVE how this month has dragged on" and that will help … [Read more...]

DIY Easy Valentine Wreath – A Crafty Fail?

Valentine Wreath PM

I have a "wreath mental block".  Seriously.  I haven't made a wreath in a long, long time. During the holidays, I always see all of the beautiful wreaths all over the internet and I always think I will try to make one again but it just hasn't happened. But I'm a fighter, y'all, and I was determined … [Read more...]

Reader Favorites: Top 10 Posts of 2013

Best Of 2013 Collage PM

So here we are... the last day of 2013.  My Husband and I were talking last night about how, when we were little, the year 2000 seemed like a million years away.  I will admit I was a bit nostalgic writing this post.  This past year has been so full of fun and yet there were days when I just didn't … [Read more...]

Free Printable New Year’s Greeting Cards

Free Printable New Years Greeting Cards

Ok, time to 'fess up.  Did you get Christmas cards mailed out this year?  I, for one, did not.  It just didn't happen. Oh the SHAME of it all. ;) Actually, there are many years I end up sending out a family "year in review" letter instead so these 2014 Printable New Year's Greeting Cards are … [Read more...]

Holiday Home Tour & DIY Pepperberry Ornament Placecards

Holiday Pillows

Well, hi there!  I actually wasn't expecting holiday guests for another couple of weeks but that's perfectly ok, my friend, because I'm just so glad you're here.  I'm joining a bunch of fabulous bloggers - 30 in total! - on a 12 Days Of Christmas Home Tour. Each of our posts is a little different … [Read more...]

DIY Sparkly Pom Pom Ornaments | Dollar Tree Holiday Crafts

Ornament 4

I am trying really hard to not get overwhelmed by the holiday madness this year.  I think we all know how fast time flies by and I just want to enjoy the holiday time with my family.  I have ZERO desire to go battle crowds on "Black Friday" - I actually prefer to do my shopping online as much as … [Read more...]

DIY Washi Tape Holiday Cards


Have you jumped on the washi tape bandwagon yet?  I have used it for several crafts so far including my DIY Holiday Mason Jars and I also created some fun Washi Tape Monogram wall art for a friend's birthday last year but otherwise I have just been collecting washi tape whenever I see it. … [Read more...]

“Thankful Leaves” Thanksgiving Wall Hanging | Kids Crafts

1 a aThankful Reminder

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays not to mention my all time favorite meal of the year.  This year I have seen so many wonderful ideas for Thanksgiving family traditions across the internet and I really wanted to come up with something I could do with my family. … [Read more...]

DIY Hand Painted Thanksgiving Table Runner | Thankful At Home

Runner _PM FINAL

I am pretty excited to share this whimsical and budget friendly Hand Painted Thanksgiving Table Runner with you!  I used canvas drop cloth and the whole project cost less than $5.00.  But first... I have to tell you a little story. You see, about a month or so ago I was asked to join an awesome … [Read more...]

Refer A Friend | Win $250 Dollars in Craft Supplies From Consumer Crafts!

1 a consumer crafts

Thank you to Consumer Crafts for sponsoring this post.  As always, all opinions are 100% my own. Ok, I just can't help it.  I am already beside myself excited about making some super fun holiday crafts this year and sharing those ideas with you all.  Over the years I have accumulated quite a … [Read more...]

Last Minute Halloween Costumes For Kids

1 aa Lego man

Have any of you waited until the last minute to start on a school project or to, say, figure out a Halloween costume for your kids?  Well of course not.  Me either.  ;) This year we are actually prepared but I know what it's like to wait until the last minute on Halloween costumes from some … [Read more...]