Nine Amazing DIY Body Scrubs | Mother’s Day Gift Ideas You Can Make

Nine Amazing DIY Body Scrubs

On Monday I shared a fabulous Mother's Day Wish Basket Giveaway and then I got to thinking about how many fantastic DIY Body Scrubs I have seen lately and how I have never tried that myself. They are clearly so easy to make and I just LOVE a nice hot bath and a good exfoliating scrub (hello, Summer … [Read more...]

Ehh, What’s Up Doc? | 22 Carrot Craft & Recipe Ideas

Carrot Craft Ideas - Easter Fun With Carrots

I don't know about your "hip hop" skills, but nonetheless it's all things CARROTS over here today for a little Easter inspiration! Here are a bunch of super fun and delicious carrot craft & recipe ideas that would even make Bugs Bunny proud. Starting with the crafts: Clockwise From Top … [Read more...]

20+ St. Patrick’s Day Ideas | $500 Luck O’ The Irish Giveaway

St Patricks Day Ideas

Happy, happy Saturday!  Ok, so I have BIG news and I'll just get right to it because this Irish redhead has been looking forward to this for several weeks now! I REALLY hope you are feeling lucky because I have teamed up with 24 FANTASTIC fellow bloggers to bring you this awesome "Luck O' The … [Read more...]

Grasshopper Brownie Cups | Mint Chocolate Goodness

Brownie Cups Sq PM

Mint chocolate chip ice cream and I go way back.  As in... Baskin Robbins in the mall in the late 70's - early 80's.  Are you hip to that jive? I always had a hard time choosing between the "bubble gum" flavor {real tiny Chiclets gum pieces!!} and the mint chocolate chip. … [Read more...]

All Things Creative | The Green Edition

50 Green Collage

It's time for part two in our "All Things Creative" series and we have another fun round up of great ideas for you this month! … [Read more...]

Do You Feel Lucky? | DIY St. Patrick’s Day Gift Tags

St Patricks Day Tags

Did you just read that title and raise an eyebrow?  I think I saw you.  "Really?  A St. Patrick's Day Craft??" I know.  I'll be honest that I am a little burnt out on Valentine's over here and I had the supplies so I figured I would switch gears.  I hope you were sitting down since I am so ahead of … [Read more...]

All Things Creative: A New Series | The Valentine Edition

Valentine Collage

Help! I am not sure where January has gone and I was hoping you could help me find it? I feel like I say this Every. Single. Month. and time seems to speed up just because I keep saying it.  Maybe instead I will start saying "I cannot BELIEVE how this month has dragged on" and that will help … [Read more...]

A Unique, Personalized Valentine Gift Idea & A Giveaway

Claire Hair Collage

When it comes to unique gifts, creativity can be pretty hard to come by.  Especially if you don't really need anything or you aren't really sure what the recipient wants.  Valentine's Day is certainly no exception. Red roses and a box of chocolates?  Paying a crazy amount of money for some … [Read more...]

Reader Favorites: Top 10 Posts of 2013

Best Of 2013 Collage PM

So here we are... the last day of 2013.  My Husband and I were talking last night about how, when we were little, the year 2000 seemed like a million years away.  I will admit I was a bit nostalgic writing this post.  This past year has been so full of fun and yet there were days when I just didn't … [Read more...]

Sausage Jalapeno Poppers with Beer Cheese Dipping Sauce | Party Food

Pig In Blanket

It's two days before 2014 is here {say whaa?} and, for me, this week after Christmas is all about relaxing with family and friends and eating good food.  Like most of us, I am still in a state of disbelief that 2013 has passed so quickly. As usual, any gathering of people  - no matter what time of … [Read more...]

Mini Reuben Appetizers | Perfect Party Food

Rueben Appetizers PM 3

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!  Ours was very laid back and just full of a lot of family time, fun and good food.  As the calendar now starts a rapid countdown, I start thinking about ringing in the new year with family and those dearest to me.  Of course, that means fun party appetizers … [Read more...]

Free Printable New Year’s Greeting Cards

Free Printable New Years Greeting Cards

Ok, time to 'fess up.  Did you get Christmas cards mailed out this year?  I, for one, did not.  It just didn't happen. Oh the SHAME of it all. ;) Actually, there are many years I end up sending out a family "year in review" letter instead so these 2014 Printable New Year's Greeting Cards are … [Read more...]

Champagne Cupcakes {Bust Out That Bubbly}

Champagne Cupcakes PM

I know we all have Christmas on the brain and I am not one to rush that by ANY means but some of you may have already been invited to a fun New Year's Eve shindig, or are hosting your own, and so you need to have these Champagne Cupcakes on your "mind calendar"! They are sure to add some pizzazz to … [Read more...]

My Favorite Things: Last Minute Unique Holiday Gift Ideas

_ Cake Tester

I don't know about you but I  am not one to enjoy any sort of last minute holiday scramble to find "the perfect gift".  No sir, that is not my idea of fun.  I try to make note of special things I see throughout the year and be ahead of the game but some years I still find myself a little behind. I … [Read more...]

Holiday Home Tour & DIY Pepperberry Ornament Placecards

Holiday Pillows

Well, hi there!  I actually wasn't expecting holiday guests for another couple of weeks but that's perfectly ok, my friend, because I'm just so glad you're here.  I'm joining a bunch of fabulous bloggers - 30 in total! - on a 12 Days Of Christmas Home Tour. Each of our posts is a little different … [Read more...]