DIY Lego Necklace | My New Dremel Obsession

DIY Lego Necklace 6

Ever stepped on a Lego in your bare feet before?  If not, you're lucky.  If you have, I say "keep 'em".  That's right, keep the Legos you step on.  Because who knows? You may quickly accumulate enough to make a fabulous DIY Lego Necklace of your own. I say if we parents … [Read more...]

Exclusive Fall Collection: All Things Pumpkins & Gourds

Fall Collection All Things Pumpkins and Gourds

If you have been following along you know that once a month me the "All Things Creative" team likes to share some fun ideas. Well Happy Saturday because this month we are adding in an exclusive All Things Pumpkins & Gourds post because... yes.  Fall is such a wonderfully transitional … [Read more...]

An Early Fall Vignette | Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

Early Fall Vignette Collage - Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

    Hi everyone! It's me Amy from Ms. Toody Goo Shoes and I'm so glad to be back here at Claire's! I can't believe it's already "After Labor Day!" I don't mean to rush the season, but have you started your Fall decorating yet? I'm still trying to hold on tight to the last days of … [Read more...]

DIY Fall Handbag | Little Miss Celebration

DIY Fall Handbag

Summer is winding down fast, and it’s time to start thinking about our Fall wardrobes.  Let's lighten up this Fall - our handbag, that is!  Hi everyone – it’s Cindy, from Little Miss Celebration and it is always great fun to hang out with Claire and all of you! Today, we’re … [Read more...]

All Things Creative | 50+ Ideas For Fall

50+ Ideas Fall Ideas - Al Things Creative

I am pretty excited about this month's Fall Edition of our fun All Things Creative series.  I love Fall decorations and I love Fall recipes so I cannot wait to see what everyone is sharing today. I've brought along some of my Fall favorites as well including a Free Welcome Fall … [Read more...]

The BEST Drugstore Neutral EyeShadow Palettes | My Newest Addiction

Netral Eyeshadow

There is nothing more satisfying in the Make Up world (to me) than a gorgeous neutral eyeshadow palette from the drugstore.  The quality of makeup from drugstores has improved by leaps and bounds over the years and you cannot beat the prices. I'm Laura, the blogger behind My Newest … [Read more...]

Snapple Of My Eye Printable Teacher Gift | $500 Cash Giveaway

Snapple Of My Eye Back to School Printable Teacher Gift Idea - Free Download

My boys started back to school today and this Snapple Of My Eye Printable Teacher Gift idea may be one of my favorites so far.  These are so easy (Mama likes that part) and they are a snap(ple) to put together. I actually created TWO versions for you!  One using the apple Snapple and … [Read more...]

DIY Bird Feeder | Summer Fun With Kids

DIY Bird Feeder - Summer Fun With Kids 1a

I know everyone is talking about "Back To School" and Summer winding down but there are still a LOT of warm Summery days left to go!   Towards the beginning of Summer my Littlest and I made an easy DIY Bird Feeder (using a water bottle!) and it has been so much fun watching our … [Read more...]

10 Ways To Perk Up Outdoor Living Spaces | Ms. Toody Goo Shoes

10 Ways To Perk Up Outdoor Living Spaces

You guys  - today I am SO excited to introduce our new Home & Garden contributor, Amy from Ms. Toody Goo Shoes!!  After a lengthy career in the TV industry, Amy "put her dress-for-success clothes into storage, and tried on her domestic 'genes' " and I cannot tell you what a blast it … [Read more...]

All Things Creative: The Recipe Edition | 50+ Must Make Recipes

50+ Delicious Must-Make Recipes - All Things Creative, The Foodie Edition

How can is be July 29th already?  Summer why are you going by so quickly??   It's the last Tuesday of the month AGAIN and of course that means it's time for the July edition of our fun "All Things Creative" series and we have an awesome collection of recipes for you this … [Read more...]

Beauty 101: Nail Art For Beginners | Welcome My Newest Addiction

Beauty 101 Nail Art For Beginners

As part of our new monthly contributor series, I am thrilled to welcome our Beauty Contributor Laura from My Newest Addiction!  Laura has so many fantastic beauty tips and tricks and I'm so happy to have her as part of the ALC team.  Here's Laura! ***************************** Hi it's me … [Read more...]

DIY Starfish Wreath and Our Fabulous New Green Front Door

DIY Starfish Wreath at 2

There is nothing quite like the sound of the waves lapping up onto the beach, is there?  If I could just bottle that sound and listen to it all Summer long I would.   While we may live in Florida the reality is we can't just drop everything and stay at the beach all Summer long so I … [Read more...]

DIY Dollar Store Holiday Candles | Christmas In July

DIY Dollar Store Holiday Candles PM

We are getting into the "dog days of Summer".  It's in the upper 90s most days here and all I want to do is get in the pool BUT... I still have to think ahead.   Sometimes the best time to buy something is off season and when I saw these little flower pots at the dollar store I was pretty … [Read more...]

DIY Embellished Summer Flip Flops | Easy Summer Crafts

Embellished Summer Flip Flops PM

Sometimes I get an idea and it's not necessarily a new one but, hey.  It's new to me.  We can't all try everything at the same time, right? As you can imagine I spend a LOT of time scouring Pinterest and the internet to find easy and budget friendly ideas to make and these Embellished … [Read more...]

DIY 4th Of July Tie Dye Tea Towels

Tie Dye Your Summer - DIY Tie Dye Shirt at 5

Guess what I did??  I learned how to do something new and now NO piece of white fabric in my house is safe this Summer.  T-shirts and pillowcases are hiding as I type this.  The cat is a little afraid too... You're so smart - you guessed it.  I tried Tie Dye for my First. … [Read more...]