Easy Strawberry Chocolate Cake Cookies | Valentine’s Treat Ideas

Strawberry Chocolate Cake Cookies - Easy To Make and a perfect Valentines Day treat - pm2

I don't know about you but I am really happy it's Friday!  January has been a crazy busy month so far and I am ready for the weekend and looking forward to enjoying a little fun time with my boys. I didn't really have much time to write or make anything this past week but these Strawberry … [Read more...]

Hearts & Tarts | Easy Raspberry Cream Tart

Raspberry Cream Tart PM 1

So it's two days 'til Valentine's Day  - do you have any big plans?  I know I said before that the Hubs and I don't really go out on Valentine's Day but I DO like to make a little extra treat for him to show him how much I lovvvve him all over again. Oh, who am I kidding.  This delicious Raspberry … [Read more...]

All Things Creative: A New Series | The Valentine Edition

Valentine Collage

Help! I am not sure where January has gone and I was hoping you could help me find it? I feel like I say this Every. Single. Month. and time seems to speed up just because I keep saying it.  Maybe instead I will start saying "I cannot BELIEVE how this month has dragged on" and that will help … [Read more...]

A Unique, Personalized Valentine Gift Idea & A Giveaway

Claire Hair Collage

When it comes to unique gifts, creativity can be pretty hard to come by.  Especially if you don't really need anything or you aren't really sure what the recipient wants.  Valentine's Day is certainly no exception. Red roses and a box of chocolates?  Paying a crazy amount of money for some … [Read more...]

Chili Chocolate Valentine Truffles | A Crash Course In Aphrodisiacs

Valentine sheep

Before I get into this delicious post, I have to confess that I was honestly struggling with posting about Valentine's Day earlier this month.  Mainly because I hate rushing the holidays - time is already moving fast enough - but I am feeling a little better about it today since it's now less than a … [Read more...]

DIY Valentine’s Table Runner {& an easy Valentine’s wreath!}

LOVE stamps

  I'll be honest, I don't really decorate too much for Valentine's Day.  Just a few simple things which I might even skip if it weren't for the kids.  They love the holiday decorations. Another thing that motivates me to decorate is that I wish I had more light in my dining room - I love natural … [Read more...]

Scrap That!! {Cake Scraps Pudding}

Bread Pudding - FINAL

I am a "waste not, want not" kind of gal so here's an idea for using those extra cake scraps that you might have from a baking project. Like many of you, whether you have children or not, we live on a budget.  We do what it takes.  We cut corners to make sure that "ends meet".  We sacrifice.  We … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Craft – Dish Towel Tutorial {Dollar Tree Style!}

Dish towels - new

I'll tell you a little secret (and I don't care if you tell, either!).  I LOVE kitchen towels.  I hope that doesn't make me a shallow person, but sometimes it's the little things in life that bring us joy, no?  Fresh brewed coffee… a clean dish towel?  It's so hard for me to pass by the rows of … [Read more...]

“50 Shades of Pink” – Mini Valentine Ombre Cakes

Mini Valentine's Day Ombre Cakes

Ok so maybe not fifty shades.  But just enough and, in this case, that's four shades in these Mini Valentine Ombre Cakes Fun fact:  The word "Ombre" is a French term that originally referred to a graduation of color in the fashion world.  Life is art, apparently, so at some point … [Read more...]

“Be Mine” (and Junk) – DIY XoXo Valentine Pillow

Santa Pillow

Kisses and hugs and hearts, oh my!   Sometimes packing away all of the holiday decor can bring on a bit of the "blahs" so here is a quick and easy way to make an XOXO Valentine Pillow on a budget. Admittedly, with three boys, Valentine's Day isn't a really big deal in our house aside from making … [Read more...]