Best Crispy Eggplant Parmesan {Recipes From Our Garden}

Holding Eggplants

There is just something about growing your own food, picking it and preparing it that makes a dish a little extra special.  Maybe it even tastes a wee bit better too - at least it does to me {I know, I'm weird.  I've come to terms with that}.  But it is pretty rewarding nonetheless! We made this … [Read more...]

Scrap That!! {Cake Scraps Pudding}

Bread Pudding - FINAL

I am a "waste not, want not" kind of gal so here's an idea for using those extra cake scraps that you might have from a baking project. Like many of you, whether you have children or not, we live on a budget.  We do what it takes.  We cut corners to make sure that "ends meet".  We sacrifice.  We … [Read more...]

Warm Up With Chili Cheese Biscuits {Superbowl Snacks Idea!}

Food - Chili Cheese Biscuits5

  Whether you like football or not, we MUST talk about easy Superbowl snacks!!  Because those of you that DON'T care about football will love them.  And those of you that LOVE football…. well, you will ALSO love them, but you will just be too pre-occupied with Superbowl XLVII to say so. ;)   … [Read more...]