Best Crispy Eggplant Parmesan {Recipes From Our Garden}

Holding Eggplants

There is just something about growing your own food, picking it and preparing it that makes a dish a little extra special.  Maybe it even tastes a wee bit better too - at least it does to me {I know, I'm weird.  I've come to terms with that}.  But it is pretty rewarding nonetheless! We made this … [Read more...]

Scrap That!! {Cake Scraps Pudding}

Bread Pudding - FINAL

I am a "waste not, want not" kind of gal so here's an idea for using those extra cake scraps that you might have from a baking project. Like many of you, whether you have children or not, we live on a budget.  We do what it takes.  We cut corners to make sure that "ends meet".  We sacrifice.  We … [Read more...]