All Things Healthy, Clean & Organized | 60+ Ideas To Kick Off The New Year

All Things Healthy Clean and Organized - 60+ Inspiring Ideas, Recipes and Tutorials for the New Year

It seems like no matter where I look online so many people are saying the same thing: " I cannot BELIEVE it's almost 2015".  And I can't either! What in the world just happened??  They DO say "time flies when you're having fun" but I've pretty much decided that the older we get, time … [Read more...]

DIY {Toilet Paper Roll} Wall Art

TP Wall Art PiCMonk FINAL

Just based on the title you might be asking yourself  "Has it really come to this?  Toilet Paper Roll Wall Art, Claire??".   The simple answer is…  "Yes.  Yes, it has". (and don't judge me). ;)  I am not a hoarder or a bag lady or anything like that but I did get "the look" from The Husband while I … [Read more...]